Right to Manage

Right to Manage, also known as Collective Enfranchisement is the process by which Qualified Tenants are able to compel the sale of the freehold of their building from their Landlord. Generally speaking the procedure for Collective Enfranchisement is started by the service of the Initial Notice on the Landlord. This must be served by a Nominee Purchaser on behalf of the participating tenants. The Nominee Purchaser is usually a company formed by the participants to acquire the freehold. Although this is the beginning of the statutory procedure, the service of the notice should follow a period of preparation to ensure that the participating tenants are fully equipped and advised to complete their action.

We have many years experience in helping both Tenants and Landlords with the Right to Manage / Collective Enfranchisement process including checking eligibility of the building and the tenant, organising the Enfranchisement, choosing and forming a Limited company to act as a Nominee Purchaser, assessing the purchase price, serving notices and counter notices and completing the process culminating in the registration of the freehold interest at the Land Registry in the name of the Nominee Purchaser.

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