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Here at Conveyancing Warehouse, we have expert Residential Lease Extension Solictitors. We have a proven track record of helping Clients with all types of lease extensions from the most straightforward extensions to the duration of the lease to more complex amendments to defective leases.

Why Extend a Lease?
As the term of a lease drops below 99 years, the value of the property will start to decrease. Once the lease drops below the 80-year mark, it decreases in value faster and the tenant may have problems selling or obtaining a mortgage.

Our quotes provide an accurate breakdown of our fees, Land Registry Fees and client identification verification. If there is any part of the quote that you do not fully understand please feel free to call one of our Conveyancers at 0800 587 6068. We are always happy to help.

At Conveyancing Warehouse we take great pride not only in our service but in providing quotes that are hard to beat.

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